How to setup a desktop wallpaper?

Most wallpapers are in jpg or png format. With a normal computer running windows, linux or mac you can use these files as your desktop wallpaper. In this tutorial we will explain where to find these wallpapers and how to install them as your wallpaper.

Finding the image

There are many sites where you can download your desktop wallpaper for free, but you need to find the right site. The best sites is where they offer the image in high resolution, high quality and high definition. One is the best sites i found is you should check this one out because it is an easy with with lots of wallpapers.

Downloading them

When you found your image you need to save it to your computer. Save it in a directory that you know how to find back later.

Set as wallpaper

Open the directory you saved the image in. Right click on the image and then click on "Set as desktop background". That's all!