How and were to find wallpapers in a high resolution?

In this article we talk about what HD is and were to find wallpapers in HD and more resolutions.

Full HD and HD Ready

For the best results choose a cool wallpaper with the same resolution as your own screen. These days the most common resolution is 1920*1080 thats the resolution what is called as full hd, for an example of Full HD wallpaper click here. Now you're wondering what's the difference between Full HD and HD Ready. HD ready is just a little bit lower resolution but it's still really good quality. You will only see the difference when your own screen has an higher resolution than the resolution of the wallpaper. Here you see some wallpaper in HD ready.

What are the most common sizes for wallpaper?

There are a lot of resolutions and it also depends on the size and quality of your screen. But most of the time it is how higher your resolution is how sharper the picture will be on the screen. But these days Full HD is the most common size of an image on you will find wallpapers in Full HD. For now the future is Ultra HD also known as UHD that is 4 times sharper than full HD.